Rapid Applications Development

As a 25+ year developer of web-based applications, I’ve hated having to build all the code necessary to run a full-scale, multi-user database-“centric” application. Professional-level applications require a lot of code to perform the necessary tasks that go into a robust, well structured application.

While there are many frameworks available, I’ve found them lacking the professional-level tools I’ve needed to be able to do thing things I’ve needed for the types of applications needed. As a result, I’ve been forced to develop most, if not all, of the housekeeping software myself.

My Shopping List

This is a list of features that are required to develop a complex business application:

  • Role-Based Security Support
    • Application sign-in with encrypted password support
    • Multi-level Menus based on the Role-Based Security model
  • Time-based Multi-User Resource Locking
  • Automated User Interface
    • Themed Layout across entire Application
    • Automated Screen Layouts
    • Automated Buttons
  • Database Integration with SQL Server
  • Complete separation of Business Logic from Applications Logic
  • Reusable application components
  • No-Code